Why Pain?

There are moments when we feel pain but wish to not feel it. We don’t like pain and we wish it would not exist.

But let’s take a simple physical example: let’s say we touch a very hot piece of metal with one of our fingers. It burns our skin, it aches, it hurts, we dislike it.

And we know that that’s something that starts in the sensors of our skin, which send a message to the brain and the brain tells the body and the hand to pull back because it hurts.  Now imagine that we would not have sensors and we wouldn’t feel anything… We would keep our finger or hand there until we would see with our eyes that something is going on or we would smell the burning skin.  So our finger skin would be much more damaged and it would take much longer to heal. Yes, we might say that that’s alright because it heals anyway, biology teaches us.  But what about cases in which something could be damaged so much that it would be very difficult or even not possible with the actual technology to repair? So it is pain that keeps us out of trouble. If we were to decide whether we should pull back or not, we would sometimes get more complicated situations.

It means that who ever created us or however we evolved, this is for a reason that we feel this way. It is a defense mechanism which actually helps us, but we sometimes forget about  that.

I was also looking for an emotional example, but I think a little bit more complex although the same principle could be adapted for this too.


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