Arguing in equation

Why is it that after a period of happiness, we sometimes seek to argue? Why out of the blue, when all things seem to go in the best direction, we find a fighting  argue?

I believe that arguing is natural and good for a relationship. It helps enjoying the good times. I guess it’s the way we are built (chemical, psychological etc.)

I see a pattern between arguing and happiness. I don’t think  most of us are built to enjoy happiness or any good times without being sad or angry sometimes. Strangely enough, we cannot appreciate that without making an unconscious comparison.

One might even say that happiness is boring, and it might be true in a small part. But without sadness, there’s no happiness, since there’s nothing to compare it to.  How can you feel good if you haven’t felt bad before? And I don’t know of any neutral state in which you don’t feel anything.

I don’t know why this is happening, although I’m sure there’s a logic, but it’s foreign to me.  But since I believe that everything is with a reason, I also believe that it’s in our way of being to seek bad times in order to enjoy happier times later.  We know not otherwise.

Of course, some arguments could have a real basis without occurring out of the blue, but that’s another subject. And neither of these two types of arguments should escalate in a violent fighting since that solves nothing. But maybe like with arguing, violence could be explained in a similar matter if we are to extrapolate.

But I guess this is one way to explain things in order to cope with what we call reality.


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