Human Rules

All rules that exist and we experiment are rules made by humans. Things like money, beauty, failure, good and bad, maybe even religion are but a human construction. Every rule has its anti-rule.

There is no absolute rule that we know of and that can proved. Even proof is a human thing related to our perceptions. What we see is not always the reality, reality itself being a human creation. What we feel with our senses is what we call reality. Like they say ” One man’s fantasy is another man’s reality”. A good example is a scene from MASH tv series.

It’s all so relative as far as we know that we are all true in what we think and believe. That’s because there’s no absolute milestone to compare to. Even religion which comes to gives us truth or God as the only truth is a collection of old tales.  But it’s a collection of good ideas from a human side unless taken to extremes.  Maybe without religion it would’ve been a chaos, maybe we would’ve created something else more advanced or similar to this.  But after all, chaos is normal too, but with a logic that’s different from the current logic. Thus we can admit that everything is normal, it all depends on what we compare it with. Even comparison can be a human way of judging.  Maybe in that distant universe there are other ways of judgement. Maybe all the life beings in the universe need their own judgement system in order to understand something that is unknown.

So if there are no rules but the human ones and everything is possible, then what keeps us from experimenting everything we want?


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