Knowing everything

There are some things I’d like to know.  Like how the aliens (those foreigners from space) look like. Or if there are any absolute things. We are with a meaning is what I know, but what would that be.  Would Gandhi like tortilla chips? Things like that.  Things about life, cosmos, meanings, measurements, corporations, rules, ending and beginnings, big and small etc.

I’d sure like to know a lot of things.

And what if would one day? What if one day I would know all there is to know, all that’s going on? What if all I know is wrong or just totally different from what I believe? And if I would, what would I do after? Would my mind change? Would I leave everything and go teaching people? Would I feel almighty and screw people like a lot of people with power do? Would I write a book that would become a best-seller or go unnoticed?

And if did, how would I know? Who would believe me?


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