Transcendent ideas

Transcendent ideas, things which are somehow independent of money or time are a good solution to eliminating boredom, giving a meaning to passing time.

Things like active participation in a non-profit ngo for a longer time, writing a book, learning a new sport and practicing it etc, are actions which span across in time and create a certain meaning. Things that only satisfy needs for a short time are good but not enough. Diversity is another good idea, mixing short needs (like going out a certain evening) with longer ones.

Of course, it depends on the person to find his/hers own needs and align them with their own values. Some like planning time just to fill it with something, others try to also find a meaning and put some more substance into it. Either way is fine, depending on what type of person you are.

I do think that some things are more futile than others and we should do things that not only help ourselves but also the people around us. And that goes for everybody, no matter if you believe in a greater purpose, God or not.

And between all these things, don’t forget to enjoy what you do and have fun. It’s good for the heart.


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