Things are with a reason

I think all things are with a reason. Of course, most of the times (maybe all the times) the reasons escape our sight, but that’s another story.

From the pit of existential ideas, I don’t think things happen at random times to random people.  Multiple explanations are possible for this. It could be God, it could be any other being or super-conscience that controls that, it could be something beyond.

There is a reason we are built this way, reason for diversity, reason for things happening (either good or bad, as we see them).  There is a reason why snow-flakes have the shape they have.

All things are with a reason that’s beyond the physical explanation. Cause everything can be explained logical according to certain rules, but there’s something more. Something that escapes the visible and explainable as we know it.

Or at least is comforting to believe so. My lizard brain is created so that I explain everything and try to put things in a certain order.


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