Mind power

The power of mind is amazing.

Just by simple thought we can feel joy, pain, fear, happiness etc.  We can experience known and even unknown mind states very quick without any exterior influence. We can just imagine or remember in our mind and the whole body will feel the experience.

If we just think about the self-induced illness and we get a pretty good idea about the power of the mind over body. If you tell in your mind that something is happening, then the body will adjust accordingly.  Doctors or shrinks usually feel this.

Or imagine hypochondriac persons who think that they will get a disease just anywhere. The whole body rejects everything before careful attention. Yet the “regular” persons don’t have a problem with that, not caring too much for that.

And how about the much newer ideas like “the secret” which ain’t that new, only somebody finally decided to make it a book. I guess a lot of people observed that if you think of something and really want it to happen, it just might. I personally feel that very much. And going from that, I believe that what you experience in your life starts from what you think, what you believe. Think this life is shitty? Then that’s how you will experience life. On the other hand, if you think that life is beautiful, then again, that’s how you will experience it.  Black, white or gray, life is how you see it.  Because beyond the physical world, human conventions and prejudice, there’s nothing keeping us from feeling how we want to feel.

And how about placebo which is no different from self-induced illness, only it’s usually used to go the other way. There are studies that show this ain’t real and there are studies to show just the opposite. You tell your mind you just had a magic pill and the headache is gone. But the funny thing is that it doesn’t work if you know it isn’t true and the the mind starts to doubt about the effect.

In NLP there are certain techniques to make a person go from from like to dislike or the other way around.  And this works even without NLP if the person next to you is easy to influence. If you’re easy to disgust, then you know how it’s like when somebody is describing you a horrible experience in regard to a type of food, person or place.

Maybe that’s why we live just around 100 years, because that’s what we know from the rest of the world. Death age might just be self-induced. If you are religious and read the bible, then you know about the persons in the old testament who used to live hundreds of years.

Maybe our mind is set to work in patterns and it’s hard to escape the tracks, but I think there’s something more than what we understand that could change a lot of things if we would. Some manage to do that and they are regarded as crazy. It ain’t easy being honest and free in living the way you feel. The “normal” crowd puts the label very quick.


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