Leaders and power

Leaders make or brake this world. I am talking about mostly political leaders and leaders who rise from the masses.

Taking a look at the major events (good and bad) in the history, it was the leaders in their decisions that made them happen. But this is not just a simple analogy that came just like that. Reading about the wall that separated east and west Germany and thinking about the genocide in Rwanda and what also happens these days in Syria, added up with the history of India as a British colony or the communist force in the world, my conclusion is that it was the leaders that made the people walking hatred machines. I mean, what is so different about a  Tutsi from a Hutu person? Did the people of East Berlin hated the people of West Berlin that they built a wall? Germans hated the Jews so much that they couldn’t wait for Hitler to appear so that they could just feel free to slaughter as they pleased? Koreans in south and north are different besides the geographical location? But yet, wars and black periods arose because of personal beliefs that leaders had.

People can live so civilized together. Everything works so fine most of the time because the system usually has a way of balancing. But when a person starts making his own fantasies become the reality of others, that’s when problems appear. America was a nice peace of land until some people decided to kill of the Indians or have them in a reservation like animals. Why? Because they don’t fit the so called civilized scene. Germany was nice until Hitler came and decided that if your nose looks strange, we should make you soap. India had its own balance, but then the British decided that they’re going to teach them how the real live is to be lived. Now it’s funny, but the British try to learn from Indians how to live a life of inner peace, away from the daily chaos and rush.

Usually the flow of life in different parts of the world, in various cultures, is find it’s own balance. People, although living a hard life, manage to find solutions to overcome difficult situations. People with people get along fine. But it so happens that leaders with their ideas come and start putting ideas in other people’s heads. Then people start taking a position on that idea. Some are for and some are against the idea. Then legal papers appear making official some decisions. From now you’re a Tutsi and you need to hate the Hutu, you’re a south Korean and should hate the north Koreans, you’re an Indian and you can’t walk the same pavement as a British, you can’t have long hair and your own ideas cause this is the communist time and you better be like the rest of we kill you like a mosquito. It’s the law so you must obey. We better dance like the leaders say or we end up in the wrong place.

But then again, the beautiful opposite effect also happens. A lot of nice things also happened because of leaders’ decisions. When A. Lincoln stood up and gave rights to blacks it was such a major breakthrough. When Gandhi showed that a lot can be done without violence, fighting for your beliefs got a new meaning. Luther King then took the idea also. And there are people like Nelson Mandela who managed to have both done, good and bad (if we are to judge from this perspective).

So this is yet another paradox of the multiple I discovered so far that make up this world.

The more uneducated the people are, the more easier for leaders to control them.

Leaders decide and people start taking sides. Later sides have a clash that was not to happen maybe if some crazy idea wouldn’t show up. Imagine New York or London as a fighting ground, a jungle with chaos everywhere. It’s probably hard to imagine, but it’s enough for the Queen to get a yummy idea and the whole London becomes a live prison. And this might even happen if the wrong people get their hands on power and feel its tinkling.

People should always think about what they’re doing before doing stupid ideas. Different people exist on this planet, it’s called diversity. This will create clashes, but will also create new ideas. And until someone gives us an answer on why we are here as humans, what’s our purpose here, then we better accept the diversity in the same way we accept the diversity in nature.


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