Inventions leading to more work time

Inventions make our lives easier. But when entering a workaholic environment that sometimes leads to actually more work.

We live in a world that’s so hectic, full of work to do, we are always in a hurry, the human race. That’s nothing new. We search for ways to optimize our work, ways to make it easier. We are looking for methods of getting things done faster so that we have more free time, more time for ourselves. But is this what really happens? I see it so much these days that improvements are doing the opposite: we optimize the process and we get more time but which we use to do more work. So we’re somehow overcrowding.

Someone once made an observation about the invention of the motorcycle helmet, saying that it was created to create more security when riding a motorcycle, but it happened was that people started driving faster because they felt more secured. So basically, instead of keeping the same speed now with the helmet, speed increased thus cancelling the helmet which can only offer a guarantee to certain degree.  The same thing happens with the inventions when only viewed from a corporate point of view, with the mind only on profit and money.

I guess it depends on the persons creating it and who should normally benefit from it. But if that happens in a corporate framework or if you are eager to make more money (like that would make you happier), then the time you get free you actually use by getting more work. So this speeds up what you do, customers are more satisfied and then they come asking for more, much faster. But is the human brain managing to speed up so fast? Isn’t this affecting our own lives, our families? What about people who can’t adapt so fast? Should they get out the system?

But I guess we are somehow becoming victims of our own inventions, our own creations. Some things get bigger than us and then we have to feed them. Where will all this lead to?


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