Get rich and get worried

It’s funny what I realized these days by working on an investments-related project. We spend a great amount of time trying to get rich thinking that it will make us happy. Funny thing is that the ones who did managed to rich, are confronted with the next step, that is how to keep the money, what investments to make to diversify their investments portfolio and so on.

So we try hard to make money and just when we think it gets easier, we need to find ways to keep the money, keep the status. And it seems this is not quite an easy task. I mean yes, you can hire someone to take care of that, but you have to find someone you can trust. Then you need to find something that is cheap and that’s not going to rip you off with taxes and fees. So you buy houses, stocks, cars, gold, companies, people, whatever you can think of to make the money worth something in the case a new or great crisis coming. And each industry or domain that you invest requires some knowledge so that you don’t make bad choices. And so while you try to make more money while you already have a lot, you also need to find ways to keep the ones you already have.  And the concern moves from making to keeping money, but it’s not getting any easier. But in fact you get an extra worry since you now have to worry about not loosing what you already have. And the more you have, the more you can loose.

But the peculiar thing is that you get to a point when you have so much money that anything else you make is just another figure, it doesn’t mean anything. Like if you have $10 billion, do you get happier if you make an extra $1 million? The fun is at the point when you make the first million dollars, then it can become a concern of making more. And after you make billions and billions, what do you do with them? Because you reach a point in which you make more money than the GDP of many countries, you can actually buy anything you wish as a person. What is the target afterwards?


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