One guideline for life before having kids

One of my main guidelines for this life is to desire less and less of the worldly, material things.

When everybody wants to get rich, I want to stay where I am on the material side and try to enjoy other things. But maybe I am rich by some standards, who knows. I believe that trying to reach the top in a corporation means time that could be invested for something else, like family, kids, nature, traveling. I don’t know the purpose of life, don’t know my purpose, but I do know that this consumerist spirit is not it. I have nothing against people considering the opposite, I just think it’s a man made thing that grew bigger than us.

We have built a world in which we like gathering money so that we can then spend time worrying about them. And the idea of wanting more is a non-stop thing cause there’s always something new, something cool that we must have. And there are indeed a lot of nice things. But a lot of these things keep us from thinking about ourselves, about our purpose, about spiritual things and by that I don’t mean becoming religious fanatics.

And it’s curious how a lot of people on this planet manage to live without a tv, pizza, cola, industrial objects like clothes, cars, radio, discounts, supermarkets and so on and others can’t do without them. It’s true that if you know how to use all this, you get more knowledge, you learn a lot. But then again, the more you learn you realize how little you know, so I guess it’s up to each one to decide where to stop.

But I’m curious how this will change, if it will change, once I have kids who may or may not share my ideas and then I will have to support them in their journey, with guidance but also money.


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