Acting like a baby

Acting like a baby never goes away.

There are a lot of times when I look around and see people arguing or other people making stupid decisions and I think: “Oh, he’s acting like a baby!”.

It seems that usually no matter how big we grow, how much we learn, we still act like babies, arguing about something, getting upset just like a baby. Just like sometimes kids argue and take their toys and move out, the same pattern we sometimes see with adults. And then we think that’s something babies or kids do. Well, apparently not. We do it all of our life but we don’t realize and sometimes don’t admit it.

I think that’s a thing we should accept and live with it. But that doesn’t mean that we cannot improve this by trying to be less upset in some situations, by accepting more of other peoples’ mistakes, by accepting the fact that this is the game we all have to play.

And who am I to judge who is doing what and why?


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