There is no such thing as normal.

Normal was invented to help people feel better. It’s a marketing term coined to guide the masses.

It’s normal to have a computer. It’s normal to use shampoo or a sun lotion. It’s very normal to use toilet paper. It’s even more normal to wear clothes. It’s more than normal, actually natural for the sun to rise in the morning and set in the evening. But hey, it all depends. It depends on the age, the country you live in, the traditions, the continent you’re born on.  Because how normal is to live somewhere in Africa and have a laptop? Heck, it’s normal to have an elephant as a pet and eat ants. And how the tribesmen and clothes in some places on Earth which you cannot find on the normal maps? They walk naked, sometimes only hiding their genitals. And if you’re at the North Pole does the sun have the same day and night tour as at the Equator? Not quite.

So I’m crazy cause I don’t have a Facebook account but I’m normal cause I know how to use cash money. But what if I’m in the desert with the natives? Riding a camel is much more normal than knowing how to set the text in italics in Word.

And in times of war and love, what is normal? It’s normal that you act crazy because of crazy times? Are love and war like breaks from the standard? You can kill, steal and plunder just cause we’re at war? Of course that some parts of our brain act very different in times of riot, fear, shame and so on, but I doubt it that the guys at Auschwitz were irrational. They were being normal if you asked them.

And what about singing on the street? It’s ok to be a kid and sing while walking on the boulevard, but do that when you’re like 40 and people will start thinking that you either won the lottery or ran from the loony house.  But not if you’re a gypsy and don’t care about the strange normal standards.

I mean we would think it’s normal to have photo IDs, but gypsies live entire lives without needing one. And it’s funny, they live the same world as the other normal people do. It may be normal somewhere in India, but in Germany, Berlin? It’s defying the rules the governments are trying to establish to control this normal.

What do Amish people, Masai tribes, Inuits in Alaska and desert people have in common? We may say they are normal in small groups, but of course that the more you dig into each group, you find peculiarities.  And the normal differs so much from one group to another.

So I guess it’s normal to accept there is no normal. Only with this in mind and we should have more courage to have initiative and take actions in doing something for the things we care, doing something we really want but don’t have the courage cause it’s not normal.


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