Context & patience

It’s sooo easy to judge without knowing the context.

This happens everyday to us and people around us.  We go to the shop to buy something and the person at the register is giving us a boring/killer look. That doesn’t feel good. We have multiple options: we can say “what a bitch!” and avoid as much as possible, we can go on understanding this isn’t the best day for her or we can even get involved in understanding why this happens. Anyone who has worked at a cash register can fit in the shoes faster. And so there’s empathy.

We go on daily, years in a row judging people for what they do because we don’t take the time to fit their shoes. Sometimes we are too busy, sometimes empathy is a thing from another world if you’re a more logical person.

The doctor has empathy for the doctor, the artist for another artist, waitress for another waitress, designer understands designers, project managers know their peers too. And it’s normal because we can understand and feel empathy for something we ourselves have been through.  But what if we take this idea that of understanding and empathy that we have for our own kind and apply it for as many as we can? I mean it’s a little difficult to do this for everybody because we all have our breaking points, but we can try and enlarge our patience circle from the ones that the same as us to more people. This way we would not get angry for a lot of things, especially now when things go so fast and we don’t have time to wait for others and understand.

What if we decide to not get angry for every thing that happens in our lives daily? Wouldn’t that be a save of mental and spiritual energy that we could use with our loved ones? I mean it’s even more logical to do that. Someone acts like shit with us, but we choose not to care and move on. At the end of the day, we can enjoy the evening instead of trying to find ways to revenge or spill our poison over the close ones.


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