Something else, something more

Maybe it’s a test, maybe we are meant to be like this. It seems that sometimes, no matter how much, how nice something, we get to a point when we get tired and want something else.

We can have the nicest person we know next to us and think that this it, we have all we want. And then time goes by, we enter the courtyard of taking things, and persons, for granted. We sometimes get bored of that thing or that someone and we start looking somewhere else. Something new is always interesting. Because it’s new and undiscovered. And so is the next thing after that. And the story goes on like that forever. Every new and undiscovered thing gets to be old and discovered eventually.  It’s like it’s programmed like that. Or at least if feels like. And the funny thing is that we can go for something and someone else all the time. I think it’s one of the reasons we travel and socialize. But staying with the same things and same people, that’s a challenge. Enjoying the same people over and over again with their habits and all, that is also a way of being happy.

The paradox about us people is that we are constantly changing. And so as we live and experience, our inner self changes. This is a good thing because is satisfying our need for new. But is strange because you think you know someone and yet you get all sorts of surprises, nice and not so nice.

So maybe we are not meant to be steady and still, maybe we should be discoverers all the time. But then again, that’s the easiest solution, to leave the thing you have and go on discovering new things. So it is with breaking-ups, divorces, jobs, friends, cars, houses. We can always go for something else. But keeping the things as they are, rediscovering and enjoying the people around us, all that we have, now that’s a challenge that not anyone can take. And a lot of joy can come from this on the long run. If we are patient enough and if we enjoy what we have.

Cause of of the time, what we have is just enough. And we need nothing else, nothing more.


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