Hit the jackpot

Thinking in life like we would be in a casino could unleash a great potential.

This is an ode to all those who are afraid, who are negative and pessimistic, who give in to their hesitations.

A lot of people gamble, try their luck with bingo, jackpot and other similar things, thinking that the odds are very good. Studies show that we gamble because we always think of near misses. We believe we just missed it and we are so very close to winning that we decide to give it another shot.

What we basically do when we gamble, we think we are so close that we just have to try one more time. So we think positive although realistically speaking, the chances are slim.

If we could apply the same thinking into everyday life, this would be a game changer. If every time we get a new idea at work, we would share it and believe in it. If we would just quit the crappy job for something we really like even though it doesn’t pay as good. If we would only give that speech, invite that girl out, take that trip, believe in ourselves, wouldn’t care what others think, quit complaining…

But instead, too often we think too much, find arguments for why we shouldn’t do it. We listen too much to our lizard brain as Seth Godin says and he is right.

But if we take some time in just thinking how it could be, what the potential is, we already feel good, already start to smile. And to those who already tried this, it is really a life changer.

Yes, you can and sometimes you should be afraid of what might go wrong cause it’s normal, but what if it all goes great and you make it?

What if the new job will mean a boss that appreciates your work? What if writing that book you always wanted to write turns out to be the next bestseller? What if that girl you will ask you will be your wife and you will love each other with all your hearts?  Would you want to miss all this?

And think of it the other way: where has all the hesitation and fear took you? To being in a mediocre state. To being half-satisfied, half-miserable.

And if you always do the same thing, how can you expect a different result?


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