Society as a machine

There are times when we have trouble adapting to the society, we complain about rules and laws and we ask ourselves why.

Funny thing is that no matter which idea you share about the beginning of our times (be it big bang, God or other astro-bio ideas), you realize that we humans created this so called society.

We have created this machine called society in which we have rules, people, groups, money, jobs, cults, religion and other such things. We are doing it right now. Only now we are beyond the original creation, in the feeding process. We now have to work if we want to fit in, have to have a job, make money and so on.

And since we created this in the generations, why complain about it instead of adapting? Anyone can adapt according to their ideas. Why would anyone think that whining would achieve any great results? We have to be creative and find our own way of living or escaping if you will.  For anyone who saw the movie Random lunacy, that’s an example of how it can be done, with it’s own advantages and disadvantages.

The smart thing to do is to always find creative new ways of making our own journey an adventure we enjoy, with all it’s ups and downs. And by this I don’t mean a life without worries, without fights or without situations that seem to put us on the edge. I mean a life in which we embrace all that as is and live with it.

And what we called civilized differs so much from place to place that complaining is a waste of time.


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