Reframing – from problem to opportunity

It’s easy to point finger and judge. What’s not so easy is when we take time to understand what’s going on. But that’s why the people that do benefit from it in their interactions.

I’d venture to say that just about everything we see as negative can be used or turned into a positive action, used for a better purpose.

Here’s an example: people judge churches or religion and their followers. In some countries, there are more churches than hospitals, which is sad if we think of it initially. But let’s try to reframe: how can we use the network to help more people? The church has a great influence on a large number people, it shapes minds, ideas, connections. It is a mind-training machine that can be used to spread ideas. Just like TED talks. So although it might take more time to shift minds in a church, it is more time lasting. So how can we harness, how can we use that to get any type of ideas to spread?

We miss this kind of opportunities everyday, when we just judge places, people, ideas. It is somewhat natural, our mind likes simple, easy to understand things. It likes to put things in certain boxes and label them, to have a catalog.

But the world is complex, random, it changes and evolves. If we put more effort to try and understand, we will get more than we get from quick judging.


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