Creative confidence. Dream big. Start small.

Whether we want to create a movement, start a campaign for people in Ethiopia or maybe change legislation in our country for a certain, we need to start somewhere.

Some options to do achieve any of that are to either: start big and go viral or to start small and grow big. The challenge with starting big is that it usually works for public figures with a big network of people and requires lots of resources. Starting small on the other hand is accessible anyone on the planet and it usually requires less resources.

One big advantage of starting small is that it allows for small wins along the way to build momentum in time and creates a more solid community. The people involved get in organic and become part of the vision, get to shape it. All of this creates a creative confidence. It allows us to trust that we can do it, step by step.

Starting small allows for a slow but steady growth.

In some communities, taking a stab at ideas like healthcare, elderly care or childcare services sounds like a too big fish to eat. But starting small, getting things done and seeing some results helps a lot of people believe they can achieve it.

In a way, this is also the story of most organisations around the world. It starts with one person or a small group dreaming big about something and then making the small steps to get there. Some go big in size and impact, like Facebook or Google. Some stay small but still have great impact, like Basecamp.

There are also exceptions to the rule where companies like Rocket Internet take tested ideas to new markets, invest lots of resources and see great results. But this works if you have the resources for it.

The power of starting small to gain creative confidence came to me as a conclusion after 10 years of volunteer work in communities with low trust in self-initiated activity groups or any type of work that is done “for free”. The creative confidence gained through small wins influenced both me and the great people I worked with. And gave us the energy to push things forward.


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