The rules we follow are made by us, but living in them for so long make us think it’s the only thing, that it’s reality. In a way they are when we can’t see past them.

When taking the metro, we’re like mole or rats. When carrying things from one place to another, we’re like ants, like insects. Now we love something, then we hate it. We love god and kill for him. We have no feelings and we care for others. We mix religions and take only what we like. We tell ourselves stories to make ourselves better.

We want our kids to be better, but we shape them with our fears and beliefs. We send them to school where they are domesticated. We tell them to be free, without knowing ourselves what that is or looks like.

We are more connect than ever, but for some reason in a lot of situations we are more disconnected than ever.

Happiness is within us, but we look for it in other places, be it objects, gods or other people. We can live that happiness every second, but somehow we miss it. We feel it when we’re recovering from sickness or during sunsets and sunrises.

We live in an absurd world. Sad and cruel sometimes, loving and warm at other times, funny most of the times.


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