Luck, chance, random

A lot of the things happening around me happen for so many chance encounters. It’s because of luck that I am where I am, combined with the work I’ve done that has gotten me here. It’s because of the rejections of some people and the openness of others, because of some people caring and others not giving a damn. It’s because some have had a bad day and some have had a great day. It’s because someone has had a rough childhood and feels the need to help others. It’s because someone is a good christian or because another was a tough teacher trying to maybe feel superior of his students.

It’s because of my past, my thoughts, but it’s a great deal because of the luck I had to be in the right time and the right time. Fair to say that being in the wrong moment at the wrong time had exactly the same effect. What I considered a fucking bastard of a man has encouraged me to push harder. Too much of a tolerant woman hasn’t pushed me at other times. But I’m now thankful to both for learning. I was lucky to have experienced both.

I have created my chances by getting engaged in different projects, but it’s a lot by the chance that these people were there, that I was able to move in these directions that I’m appreciative of.


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