Homeostasis. Equilibrium.

There is a phenomenon happening in our bodies which accounts for maintaining an equilibrium. It happens both at anatomical and psychological levels.

For example, anatomically, if it’s cold outside, the homeostasis will help to compensate by shivering, keeping blood circulation to core areas and so on. Same happens in warm situations.

This same process happens with our mind. It’s got a tendency to maintain an equilibrium. Turns out that we reach for equilibrium naturally. But a very interesting part is that we can change, influence what that balance is. Say I watch TV for the most part of my time, for more than a month. Then that becomes my balance state. Anything that will change that state will activate the homeostasis process which will encourage me to keep things unchanged. So continue to do nothing, just sit and watch TV.

But if this is changeable, that means we can hack our minds, and whatever we do for more than a month will become the new balance state of our mind and body.

The effects of homeostasis are unpleasant. That means changing something may seem hard at first. But once the balance state is changed, the new balance will become the new normal. And the body and mind will accommodate that.

Knowing this, what will I change to?


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