Personal manifesto

  • If you don’t have something nice to say, then don’t say anything.
  • Just like a tailor, measure people every time you meet them. German proverb.
  • I don’t have to like you, but I can respect you when we’re working.
  • It might not work. (Seth godin)
  • It’s not the best talent that always wins, it’s the people that can work together as a team.
  • Clear communication beats talent.
  • I’m afraid to sometimes speak up, but I know how important this is.
  • To get to the next level, read, listen and watch the people you consider next level.
  • “The cave you fear to enter holds the treasure you seek.”
  • Impossible’s gonna happen to you. (Seth Godin.)
  • We are all animals, so try to be nice with each other.
  • Everybody is pretending to know what they’re doing.
  • Deep down inside, every person I meet and consider bad, has been f#cked in childhood and is still recovering. Show some love and empathy.

Animal nature

After a long time of rejecting this, I come to the conclusion that I am an animal. In the work I do, desires, way I act or think, I see a lot of instinct and less rational thought.

I guess I am, more than I thought, a compound of chemical reactions, biological responses and psychological subconscious.

I make no appeal to act too much to any extreme, either too controlled rationally or too instinctively animal.

If we are to co-exist in a “civilised” way, a struggle for a balance between the two is recommended.

Homeostasis. Equilibrium.

There is a phenomenon happening in our bodies which accounts for maintaining an equilibrium. It happens both at anatomical and psychological levels.

For example, anatomically, if it’s cold outside, the homeostasis will help to compensate by shivering, keeping blood circulation to core areas and so on. Same happens in warm situations.

This same process happens with our mind. It’s got a tendency to maintain an equilibrium. Turns out that we reach for equilibrium naturally. But a very interesting part is that we can change, influence what that balance is. Say I watch TV for the most part of my time, for more than a month. Then that becomes my balance state. Anything that will change that state will activate the homeostasis process which will encourage me to keep things unchanged. So continue to do nothing, just sit and watch TV.

But if this is changeable, that means we can hack our minds, and whatever we do for more than a month will become the new balance state of our mind and body.

The effects of homeostasis are unpleasant. That means changing something may seem hard at first. But once the balance state is changed, the new balance will become the new normal. And the body and mind will accommodate that.

Knowing this, what will I change to?

No end

Just when you think this is it, this is the end… it’s just a step, a transformation in this big water roller-coaster. No, this is not going to eat you alive. No, this is not going to kill you. Yes, this is going to transform you. Your mind is going to expand, it will do so every time. And that’s all. Nothing more, nothing else.

Got fired?

Got divorced?

Got a deadly disease?

Got just a few more days to live?

This is not the end. It’s making you feel alive, reminding you there’s diversity to life. Try to enjoy it.

Go travel

Imagine there’s no purpose, no big plan. It’s all a series of coincidences in which we take part. You can travel anywhere, anytime. There are no rules, there is no plan.

Your mind is a nest for the past. But there’s only now and nothing more. The future never comes, there’s only now.

The mind is so caught up with the day to day, that we forget about all that, and repeat the same day over and over again, for 30.000 times.

But in all you do, be kind to others. They’re all looking for the same thing, just like you.

But hey, happiness is…everywhere. Only the mind stands in the way of that sometimes.

Race for happiness

People in churches, praying for happiness.

Zen monks in monasteries, meditating for happiness.

Papa Neutrino, living his life of the streets, searching for happiness.

The jerk pushing you around, looking to brush off some happiness.

Tech nerds and money racers in Silicon Valley, digging for happiness.

Only to realise it’s a sort of lie.

But please don’t get depressed and die.

This is such an awesome game,

You’d be missing all the fun.


Luck, chance, random

A lot of the things happening around me happen for so many chance encounters. It’s because of luck that I am where I am, combined with the work I’ve done that has gotten me here. It’s because of the rejections of some people and the openness of others, because of some people caring and others not giving a damn. It’s because some have had a bad day and some have had a great day. It’s because someone has had a rough childhood and feels the need to help others. It’s because someone is a good christian or because another was a tough teacher trying to maybe feel superior of his students.

It’s because of my past, my thoughts, but it’s a great deal because of the luck I had to be in the right time and the right time. Fair to say that being in the wrong moment at the wrong time had exactly the same effect. What I considered a fucking bastard of a man has encouraged me to push harder. Too much of a tolerant woman hasn’t pushed me at other times. But I’m now thankful to both for learning. I was lucky to have experienced both.

I have created my chances by getting engaged in different projects, but it’s a lot by the chance that these people were there, that I was able to move in these directions that I’m appreciative of.


The rules we follow are made by us, but living in them for so long make us think it’s the only thing, that it’s reality. In a way they are when we can’t see past them.

When taking the metro, we’re like mole or rats. When carrying things from one place to another, we’re like ants, like insects. Now we love something, then we hate it. We love god and kill for him. We have no feelings and we care for others. We mix religions and take only what we like. We tell ourselves stories to make ourselves better.

We want our kids to be better, but we shape them with our fears and beliefs. We send them to school where they are domesticated. We tell them to be free, without knowing ourselves what that is or looks like.

We are more connect than ever, but for some reason in a lot of situations we are more disconnected than ever.

Happiness is within us, but we look for it in other places, be it objects, gods or other people. We can live that happiness every second, but somehow we miss it. We feel it when we’re recovering from sickness or during sunsets and sunrises.

We live in an absurd world. Sad and cruel sometimes, loving and warm at other times, funny most of the times.

Dresses and pants

Women wear dresses. Men wear pants. Unless when they don’t.

This is a good example of how patterns form, become the norm and then support preconceived ideas, becoming a reference point to judge against.

Women wearing pants is now accepted, nobody argues about it, compared to how it was in the past. Men wearing dresses on the other hand is something seen as strange in the western part of the world. There is probably a way to track where this all started and is probably a fun anthropological journey.

But this is all made up. We create ideas, we adopt them. They then become a Procust’s bed, a measure for the world. It healthy to remember this, to evade assumption, to challenge what’s being considered.


Emotions are the physical representations of the brain at the level of the body. What we feel is a projection of our mind in the physical body.
There more aware I am of my mind, the more I can distance from it to watch my thoughts from the outside, the more I can let go of emotions.


Is one of the greatest proof of our search for meaning. It goes to show what’s the power of purpose, when someone has one that it believes in it without a doubt.

People spend their entires live preaching for love (Luther King), building places of prayers, helping others, freeing countries from slavery (Gandhi). They also go to battle (kings), kill, slaughter, conquer nations (popes). And one reason was because they believed it was a mission from god.

It is the stories we tell ourselves that drive us, the emotional engine.

We have all we need

We have all we need. Most of us.
Anybody that has the technology and time to read this, is richer that many of the richest people in history. The number of opportunities are far more numerous than anything before this. Food to survive, security of a home and the warmth of friends. It’s more than a billion of people will ever have in their entire life.
We have a great number tools and situations to act, to make something that matters. More than any king a century ago had.

All we need to do now is to start.

Spread what you want to harvest

We get what we share.
Doing bad things always comes back as the same thing. Sharing hate creates the same feeling in the person or company taking it. Doing bad only creates a negative reaction which later on comes back.
So depending on what we want to get from the world around us, that’s what we should be sharing. Want to get love and happiness, that what you should share with the world.

It’s like the expression says: be the change you wish to see.