Why this?

Starting from the idea that we are in a constant change, this blog is created mainly for two reasons:

  • to make notes on my human experience and life in general during a certain period in time. Once the time is going by, I can come back and compare my current ideas with what I believed during a past period of time;
  • and for feedback. I’m curious to see what others think of these matters.

There’s no doubt that everything we experience has an impact on who we are in general.

If we are curious enough and don’t take everything for granted, we sometimes discover that things aren’t always like we believe they are. The more we travel, talk to other people, write, challenge things etc, the more we experience change. Even if we admit there are some absolute things, we are subject to change at any time. And this blog helps me meet my ego of a past time.

It is the result of my curiosity for my ideas timeline.


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